04 December 2016

How to grab a job as Registered Nurse in a Foreign Country? – Exclusive Article

To get a foreign Nursing job is the dream of every nursing graduate. Since Indian nurses are hard working, most of the foreign countries are more interested in recruiting Indian nurses. For your basic knowledge, to work in any foreign country, nurse should be registered with that specific nursing council. This is very important. What are the other terms and conditions to work as a nurse in these foreign countries? What all requirements are there from Work Experience to IELTS Score to work in various foreign countries? This article gives important information’s that will answer all the above said questions with 2016 December status.

How to find a job in different countries? How to migrate as a nurse to another country?

· Offers job only for BSc Nurses
· IELTS Required – Overall – 7 & Reading, writing, listening, speaking – 7 each
· The applicant should be currently working
· Experience requirements – 2 year general experience and 1 year experience in Acute care is mandatory
· After online test and Interview, candidates have to go to Australia to study Nursing education bridging program. The duration of this program is almost 13 weeks. Those who gets into Australia with relatives also can join this bridging program
· After Completion of program, Nurses can work in Acute care/Non Acute care as RN
· For details of permissions/Application in Board of Nursing, Australia 
Current Status December 2016 – Now also nurses have lot of options in Australia. But the problem lies in adaptation course. After getting IELTS 7 Score in all bands of Academic test, one need to spend around 14 – 16 lakhs to complete adaptation course in Australia. Once you complete adaptation, you can search for jobs. But now a days nurses are coming back to India after adaptation programme and are trying for jobs in online from India. This is because its too expensive to stay back after adaptation and search for the job. Fortunately most of the people who completes adaptation are getting employed.
New Zealand
· GNM also can apply, but currently taking only BSc Nurses
· Should be currently working. One year experience is mandatory. If two year experience is there, priority is given
· IELTS Score should be 7, but can be clubbed. That means for eg. If in first attempt, you get 7 each for reading and writing, then you can club your scores if you clears listening and reading with 7 each in second attempt.
· PR is given to the nurses after one and half years of experience as RN
Current Status – December 2016 – Job vacancies in cities are found to be declining, so newly joined nurses are trying in remote areas for placement. Recruitment is still on. Most of the people are trying a quicker method ie once they get necessary scores fro IELTS, they will approach agency to do a course that will do with the adaptation procedure.

· Hamad Medical Corporation recruits only BSc Nurses
· Minimum 3 year experience is mandatory
· In private hospitals, those who have passed Qatar Prometric exam will be given priority
Current Status – December 2016 – There is a huge online recruitment going on under Qatar Hamad Corporation. But recruitment via private agencies has diminished. ODEPC/Norka Roots/OMCL Tamil Nadu has not tied up with any hospitals in Qatar till now.
· Candidates should pass HAAD/DHA/MOH for concerned province.
· If gets employed without passing, candidate should pass any of the above exams within 2 years of employment
· Major hospitals of UAE have their own recruitment process eg. Online recruitment
· You can write these exams online (there are various centers in india). Some hospitals conducts Skype Interview too. Those who are coming to UAE in dependent visa can also work if they have the prerequisite qualifications
· GNM with good experience are also concerned, but priority will be given to BSc Nursing candidates with minimum 2 years experience
Current Scenario – December 2016 – Eventhough many private hospitals are recruiting through online recruitment process and via Norka Roots, ODEPC, OMCL etc, government recruitment has been diminished. No private agencies are currently recruiting to UAE. All government recruitments are done through SEHA website. Currently Sheikh Khalifa Medical City online recruitment is going on. But some fortunate nurses are getting employed after coming to UAE in visit visa.
· Nurses should pass Prometric exam
· For Saudi, MOH/Defense recruits directly depends on qualifications and interview marks
Current Scenario – December 2016 – Saudi Official MOH as well as major private hospitals are recruiting nurses to Saudi Arabia via govt recognised agencies. Few months back one private agency got authorised recruitment chance to Muscat (Oman).
<diSouth Africa
· BSc Nursing/GNM have opportunity
· Nurses should have experience in minimum 100 bedded hospital
· To apply for speciality/multispeciality hospital job, nurse should have minimum of 2 years experience
· IELTS required – Overall – 6 (Reading & Listening – 5.5 each, Speaking & Writing – 6 each)
Current Scenario – December 2016 – Currently some agencies are recruiting nurses to South Africa. Nurses are earning around 1.5 to 2 lacs per month in SA. Its a good option for those who have low IELTS Academic scores.
· In Kuwait, currently GNM nurses are only considered for Private hospital jobs
· Govt hospitals requires only BSc Nurses now
· Candidates have to undergo MOH exam and Interview
· To work in private hospitals also, candidates have to pass exam conducted by MOH within 9 months of employment
· Minimum 2-3 years experience is required
Current Scenario – December 2016 – Currently no govt/private agencies are recruiting nurses to Kuwait. But some agencies are conducting interviews in UAE and recruiting to Kuwait MOH Hospitals. There is an ongoing recruitment scam going on KOC Staff Nurse Recruitment – Please be aware of it.
· There are 10 states in Canada out of which only Qubec state has a different law regarding job of nurses
· Presently from India, you can apply only for Qubec Skilled Workers Program only (QSW)
· 2 year experienced GNM/BSc Nurses can apply
· French language proficiency is required to work in Qubec
· IELTS (overall 5) required
· Points will be calculated on basis of work experience and Higher qualifications. If you have got required points, you can register in QSW. Within two and half years you can migrate to Qubec with whole family
· After reaching Qubec, QIIM to be passed. Till you are not passing this test, you can work only as an Asst. Nurse or Care nurse only
· From January 1st 2015, remaining states have introduced EXPRESS ENTRY for recruitment
· You cannot apply directly to this pool from India. This new recruitment policy is beneficial for those who have been already there or those who have reached there (in student visa and all) and passed NCLEX RN exam there. In less amount and < 6 months you will get PR in this new EXPRESS ENTRY Scheme
· NCLEX RN has replaced the exisiting CRNE exam in these nine states
· Candidates should have to get IELTS 7 in each band
· In all of these states, you will get only Nursing Asst/ Care Nurse post till you clears/passes the RN exam ie NCLEX RN
Current Scenario – December 2016 – Many agencies are recruiting nurses to Canada. But the problem that lies within is it takes usually 5 – 6 months to get a chance to appear for CRNE Exam after getting in Canada. The exam is also bit tough. Agencies will be promising to make you reach Canada very early. But the real problem starts after getting there. You will have to satisfy with some smaller jobs/nurse assistant jobs till you clears CRNE which you can write only after long waiting. Now something called NNAS is there ie National Nursing Assessment Service. If you have a certain IELTS Academic Score of Above 7 in all bands, you can clear your eligibility to write CRNE with the help of NNAS. It requires a payment of 55k. The advantage is that you can write CRNE via Pearson Vue in India itself. More details about NNAS will be updated soon.
United Kingdom
· GNM or BSc Nurses with minimum 1 year experience can apply
· IELTS – Individual score of 7 in each band is mandatory in maximum of two csittings
· Currently NICU, OT, Surgery areas requires more nurses
· First the candidate have to pass Computer Based Test conducted in India, then Interview.  Then you have to pass OSCE after reaching UK. But don’t worry all these exams are simple compared to the IELTS minimum of 7 in all bands.
· With the required IELTS score and nursing qualifications, if you reach UK, you can work as nurse in Geriatric care centers/ Nursing homes. For the same reason some are taking advanced qualifications in Geriatric care
· After getting to UK, if you undergoes Overseas Nurses Program(ONP), you will get job in Hospitals
· Some NHS hospitals conduct direct recruitment from India. Through this you can get the job without spending much
Current Scenarion – December 2016 – Many agencies are recruiting nurses to UK and Ireland. Benefits are many. Once you clear the IELTS academic test, every thing will be taken care of by agency. Beware, don’t migrate to UK/Ireland through recruiters who are recruiting to nursing homes alone. There are very good recruiters available who are recruiting to NHS Hospitals without taking any money.


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