28 July 2016

Offshore Nurse Qatar

Position Title

Offshore Nurse

Position Level

Non-Senior Staff

Requisition Number




Job Description

Implement and carries out the duties of first aid and medical emergencies to all the personnel at the Field.  Ensures that hygiene is continuously maintained in certain areas in the Field, such as living quarters, office areas, etc.  Also,  organize  and supervises  First Aid training.  Maintains and updates all types of medical records and files, also monitors the medicines stock and ensures that appropriate levels are available.  Carries maintenance work on all type of medical equipment and ensures that they are in working order.  Monitors the unloading of food-stuff and participates in setting out the food menu.  Plans and orgainzes the entertainment activities for the personnel in the Field.

Tasks and Duties :

a. Implements and carries out the duties of first aid and emergencies to all the personnel on the Platforms and WP’s.  Also carries out such duties to the personnel on the supply boats if and when required.

b. Arranges the evacuation as necessary of any ill or injured person.

c. Monitors platform personnel for their general well being and identifies any personnel  whose health may be at risk.

d. Administers and carries out the biological and bacteriological analysis on the drinking water offshore.  Also ensures that hygiene is continuously maintained in all living quarters, office areas and kitchen.

e. Organizes and supervises first aid training to all offshore  personnel.

f.  Monitors, maintains and updates all the offshore personnel medical records and work accident files.

g. Monitors and maintains the stock and level of medicine offshore and carries out cost control  on all medical items and equipment, and ensures that all types of medicines are within the validity period.

h. Carries out maintenance on all emergency and medical equipment in the Field such as the oxygen and acid burn kits, first aid boxes, etc.  Ensures that such equipment are in working order, and reports to the O.I.M. on any malfunctioning of equipment.

i. Enters all data related to medical records, work accidents, medicine stocks and medical equipment into the computer.

j. Monitors and checks the unloading of food items and their subsequent storage.

k. Responsible for the support of Company Safety, environment and Quality policies and programs, and carrying out specific duties and responsibilities related to his job as spelled out in Management system documentation, policies, procedures, local documentation, Management System Manual, Safety Manual and other related documents.

l.  Performs other similar and related duties as directed by his supervisor. 

Required Qualification

Bachelors Degree of Nursing.

Completion of secondary education (12 years) followed by a 3 year diploma in nursing from a recognised institute.

Required Experience

Minimum of 4 years in occupational and general nursing in either industrial or community nursing.

Must be licensed in home country to practice nursing.

Good knowledge of written and spoken English.

Ability to communicate effectively including potential to train others.

Sound level of computer skills in email, word processing and data input.

Expiry Date


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