23 April 2016


Job code: R01-D17 
Publish Date: 07/04/2016
Department : Nursing Administration
Experience Level: Experienced

Provide evidence-based, holistic and patient and family focused nursing care through applying the nursing process to preoperative patients

Clinical and technical skills pertaining to the area of expertise: scrubbing and circulating for a wide range of surgical procedures, excellent people skills, good communication and observation, ability to answer questions and offer advice,happy to work as a part of a team, dealing with emotionally charged situations,comfortable working in a multinational environment

•Able to assess and monitor patients under anesthesia •Proficient in operating equipment required for patient care. •Proficient in maintaining aseptic technique. •Proficient in adult, pediatric and neonatal resuscitation. •Assist Registrars, Anesthesiologists, and Consultants with assessments and procedures. •Prepares equipment, medication, and machinery needed to provide anesthesia. •Prepare, maintain, transport and clean equipment required for nursing care of patients. •Maintain a clean and safe environment for OR area. •Provide for patient and family psychosocial, emotional and spiritual needs.


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