11 June 2014

How to transfer you DHA license to HAAD

From DHA Nurse to HAAD Nurse

It has been great news for every medical professional of Dubai and Abu Dhabi about the latest (MoU) Memorandum of Understanding between Dubai Health Authority and Health Authority Abu Dhabi for mutual recognition of medical licenses of health care professionals. I’m one of those who benefited from the said memorandum and I would like to share the step-by-step procedure on how to transfer your DHA license to HAAD.

1. Request a Good Standing certificate from your DHA account it will cost 510 AED for normal process (15 working days) while urgent process will cost you 1010 AED (2-3 working days) payable using a credit card.
2. Create an account in dataflow HAAD (http://www.dataflowgroup.com/haad/login.aspx), fill up and upload all the necessary documents needed. Make sure you have your data flow report from DHA, in which you can find in your DHA account under PSV section. If you don’t have this in your account you can just simply e-mail dha@dataflowgroup.comand request for your data flow report. It is also important that you keep your PSV receipt with you. Remember if you don’t have any sponsor yet, you can just simply put in self-applicant though it will be easier on your part if you have a sponsor.
3. You will then receive e-mail from haadorders@dataflowgroup.com requiring your payment for the HAAD dataflow. Since you already have the dataflow report from DHA, you don’t need to pay for it again rather, reply and send them back your PSV receipt along with your dataflow report thru e-mail and wait for their confirmation.
4. HAAD.Notifications@haad.ae will send you a username and password along with a link to HAAD website, and once you get in to your account you need to upload and fill up again all the necessary documents needed. Wait for their reply to your e-mail or you can check the status of your application in your HAAD account.

I hope this one helps you guys. Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any other queries regarding the license transfer. Good luck everyone....

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  1. good day.. hoe about MOH to HAAD?

  2. How about from MOH license to HAAD?? Do you have any idea??

  3. Replies
    1. I am a DHA license nurse, my problem is I took the HAAD exam last 2011. Is it possible to convert the license still?

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  5. How many yrs of experince is needed??

  6. Is it possible to convert dha eligibility to haad if I wrote haad exam in Nov 2013 and I failed.
    Please reply.
    Thank you

  7. What is the possibility if I am having dha eligibility and if I wrote haad exam and failed.
    I wrote the exam on Nov 2013

  8. Is it possible to convert a dha license to haad if a person already has a failed record from haad?


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