28 September 2013


Dear All Nurses,

Please go through the following details before attend the skype interview:-

1) Position: Nursing Aide
2) Salary: S$450.00 for first 3 months; S$500.00 from 4th month onwards.
3) Place of employment: Lions Home (Nursing Home)
4) Working hours: 12 hrs per day, 4 days per week.
5) As work permit holders, their work permits will be revoked by MOM if they become pregnant.
6) Lions Home’s policy allow them to go out only after they receive their work permit cards. This rule must be strictly followed.
7) Curfew time is 10pm and all must come back in-time.
8) Permission to sleep outside on off-days may be granted by management on a case by case basis but it is not a guarantee. Such requests should not create problems with duty rosters/scheduling.
9) After two years the Nursing Aides can be sponsored by the employer to appear for EN examination.This solely depends on the employer.Salary will be in accordance to the EN nurses.
10)Accommodation and food free.Compulsory stay inside the Nursing Home premises for the first two years.

Required Documents:

1.Resume with Photo.(Height and weight mentioned)
2.Registration Certificate.
3.Medical transcript.
4.Passport scan copy.
5.Experience letter from your employer.
6.Diploma Certificate.
7.Skype Id.
Please mail this documents 

What is nursing home?: It is an institution, where elderly sick patients with medical conditions who require nursing care are looked after. The medical conditions include but not limited to: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Dementia, Tracheotomy, Colostomy, etc...

Common procedures performed in the nursing home: vital sign monitoring, NGT insertion, NGT Feeding, medication, insulin injection, blood sugar test, bed sore prevention, wound dressing, diaper change, assisting in ADL(activities of daily living) including personal grooming, changing clothes, bathing, feeding, etc.

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