19 September 2013

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The Sultanate of Oman
Oman presents an exciting opportunity for those interested in a more liberal and relaxed lifestyle. In fact, it is seen as a location of choice for many long term experienced expatriate workers in the Gulf region. Oman features a modern society with an extremely friendly population and a close knit expatriate community.
It is also a hidden jewel on the tourist map with some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, stunning coastline and interior with a great cultural diversity. It has so far escaped the high rise rapid commercialism of its neighbour Dubai. Oman is fast becoming a destination of choice for European tourists seeking a beach and cultural holiday as it is known for it's beautiful weather with consistent sunny days and starry nights. For a new comer to the Gulf region, Oman presents a relaxed lifestyle and an easy cultural transition. There are also great private school and sporting facilities.
Our clients are located in the ancient but modern capital city of Muscat with its enchanting coastal fortresses, coastal mountains and stunning white beaches. Muscat also features one of the most traditional Arab trading markets in the Gulf with fantastic shopping opportunities and bargains. There are also modern shopping malls and numerous modern chain hotels, restaurants and bars with live entertainment.
Most vacancies are for consultant doctors and nurses for senior and charge posts.
Prospects are endless for weekend excursions into the desert or exploring the coastline to the North or South or the inland gorges and Wadi's.
Salaries and conditions vary depending on job specifics and contract length. All staff are provided with free airfares and accommodation in Oman. For those on longer contracts than one year, you will be provided with a free return airfare every 12 months back to your home. All salaries are tax free.
Our clients in Oman include the Muscat Private Hospital.
  • tax free salaries
  • 48 hour week
  • accommodation and travel supplied for staff member only. Nurses accommodation sharing an apartment with another single staff member of the same sex.
  • free uniforms
  • free return annual flight to point of hire each year for annual leave
  • generous annual leave
  • free insurance
If you are interested in making an application to Oman or would like some ore details, contact your Allied Health Employment consultant.
We currently have Urgent vacancies for Midwives in Oman!!!
Should you wish to apply to this site please contact us.

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