16 December 2012

How to Work and Live in Dubai

Dubai, a popular city in United Arab Emirates is a favorite destination of expatriate workers including Filipinos because of its bustling economy and exciting job opportunities.

It is not surprising that many Filipino workers aspire to start a rewarding career in this Middle East City. If you are planning to work in Dubai, then you will benefit from the latest offering of WorkAbroad.ph, another electronic book (ebook) entitled, “Guide to Working in Dubai”.

It aims to give necessary information about working and living in Dubai and it is available to everyone for FREE.

What You Will Learn From “Guide to Working in Dubai” E-book

·        Discover job opportunities in Dubai
·        Know how to get a job in Dubai
·        What is the cost of living in Dubai
·        Learn basic Arabic phrases
·        Do’s and Don’ts in Dubai
·        Labor laws and customs in Dubai

Download Guide to Working in Dubai for Free!

Important: Please don’t forget to share this informative e-book to your family, friends and colleagues who are considering job opportunities in Dubai, UAE.

Read more: http://www.nursingguide.ph/article_item-857/How_to_Work_and_Live_in_Dubai__Download_Free_E-book.html#ixzz2FD5XVYnH

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